Message from the President

Our company was founded in 1890 specializing in hats for over a hundred years. It’s said that it began with Mugi Sanada, a mediator that provided material for straw hats. 
They would not know at the time, but through out the long history we would overcome difficult performance due to natural disasters and wars.
We continue to analyze current economic situations and global trends in order to move forward.  We will change what needs to be changed, adapt and do our best to ensure that the company will continue to exist well into the future.

February 2019 Broadcast “Turning Light (Hanten no Hikari)” Interview with President Yukiharu Hayashi.

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Tradition and Innovation
Turning Light

Over 60 years since its sale and adored by school children, the iconic hat has won the 2017 Good Design and Long Design award. Established in 1895 (Meiji 28), Yukiharu Hayashi is currently the president of Nagoya’s well-established hat company, Hayashi Yaokichi Co., LTD. It sells domestic and international global brands.

(Interview Commentary)

In anticipation of Japan’s population becoming almost 1% of the world, I felt just doing business in Japan would limit the future of the company.

When I visited other Asian countries, I noticed the hat shops only had a cap for sale. However, in the last few years, the cultural knowledge has risen remarkably globally. I felt that the products we handled could be sold around the world.

A Turning Point

We grew with protected technology and promoted contracts with various brands around the world. The company also focused on strengthening its own brand and selling online, building a new sales channel that fit the modern times.

There is no future if we just sit crossed-legged. While protecting the traditions and technology, we will face the challenges and hardships that may occur. We want to make this a company where all suppliers and customers are satisfied and happy with our products.